Bar Services: Must Asked Questions

As you embark on the journey of marriage and raise a toast for your partner, every detail must be in sync with the essence of your unique love story. From meticulously crafted cocktails to a professional team to cater to every guest as per their liking – we are here to cater you as the best bar service in Spring, TX.

If you have outsourced bar vendors or are opting for an in-house bar service – here are some must asked questions to stay clear on your expectations and deliverables.

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Who will be my point of contact between this date to my final wedding day?

This is a great question in terms of knowing who you will have to contact throughout. Choosing a vendor and talking to multiple members of the team can cause miscommunication and miscommitment. You can also decide on the mode of communication whether via phone or call.

What can I expect in terms of communication?

Learn about their response pattern and timings to note whether they will be available to answer any urgent queries.

How does your pricing work?

Each bartending service has its own way of setting up their pricing so this question has to be the mainstay among all. Whether you want to go for their standard package or customize one for yourself – every question can help you form a budget for the relative service.

What is your cancellation policy?

You always have to keep room for any delays and change of plan. Which is why it is important to ask about the service’s cancellation policy. This question can save you quite a chunk in the long run. Just staying informed on their refund and cancellation policy can help you make a wise decision.

What time will you arrive on the wedding day?

This information is quite necessary to arrange things on your final day. It is your coordinator’s job to ensure all vendors are on the site in a timely manner to ensure a smooth and seamless day. You can also communicate any limitations for time if you may have any.

How many bartenders will you bring?

Regardless of your bar service, confirming on the number of bartenders is quite necessary to make sure all guests are catered accordingly.

How will tipping work? Is it linked to the company directly or will their be a tip jar?

Some services place a tip jar on their counter while others have a standard tipping price for many, you can pay it along while you make your final payment.

Can you customize glass and other amenities in the contract?

Some bar services are all inclusive in terms of taking care of all the customizable items such as specialty cups, printed wedding monograms or hashtags etc. if not, you might have to arrange all that you may need.

Will you serve non-alcoholic drinks?

Most guests are not looking for alcoholic options at weddings. If you have a diverse guest list with different likes, make sure to ask your bartender this question.

Questions About Bar Services: Must Asked Questions ?

Final words

Whether you want an outsourced or inhouse bar service, Grand Oaks Venue & Events can help you connect with high profile vendors. Call us at (281) 353-9500 for booking and other details.