9 Essential Tips for Planning Indoor and Outdoor Weddings

Weddings are all about spending time with your family and friends; exchanging vows of love and commitment. However, it is also the ambiance and the surroundings of the ceremony that really sets the tone of the event. Often, when people hear of weddings, they imagine the picturesque beauty of the outdoors, with nature serving as the backdrop. Although, in some cases, fancy ceremonial halls work just fine, if not better, than the great outdoors. So, if you’re stuck somewhere in between, not knowing where to settle for your ceremony, make sure to read this blog till the very end for crucial wedding planning tips!

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Indoor Weddings vs Outdoor: What’s Better?

There really isn’t any option that is “better” than the other. It all depends on what you and your loved one want. That is why it is important you select a venue that works according to your needs and preferences.

Not to mention, when searching for the perfect wedding venue, do not forget to cater to the theme of your wedding. For instance, if you want a fairytale wedding, perhaps an outdoor wedding venue would be good — one with lots of trees and greenery. But if you’re thinking along the lines of a cityscape theme, then an indoor wedding banquet might be more suitable.

You can also ask the people around you, especially newlyweds, to see their planning process. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that no matter what you choose, an outdoor venue offers more control, flexibility, and comfort. Plus, the pictures just turn out so much better at an open-air venue!

Tips for Planning an Indoor Wedding

One of the best parts about an indoor wedding is that they shield you from unpredictable weather conditions. You can also decorate the inside as you wish, to your heart’s content. But in order to do that, you need a venue that crosses off all — if not most — of the items on your checklist. Don’t have a checklist? Take a look below!

  1. Always select a venue that has tons of natural lighting and other lighting fixtures as well.
  2. Only go for a banquet that has blank walls, as that is easier to work with and decorate.
  3. Match the time of the ceremony to the venue. If it is daytime, look for a place with more windows. In contrast, for a nighttime wedding, try searching for a skylight or an in-built bar area.
  4. Save money by going for a wedding hall that has a combined reception area for your after-party.
  5. Check your decor items to see whether or not they clash with the atmosphere of the venue. This includes tablescape, cutlery, floral arrangements, etc.

Tips for Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Now that you have an idea of what to expect for an indoor wedding, here are some tips to coordinate an outdoor wedding. It might be a little difficult to steer against the forces of nature, but there is nothing as beautiful and enchanting as an outdoor wedding.

  1. Make sure you have the weather app, and its predictions all turned on for the day of the wedding. Select a venue based on the results.
  2. Scope out the surroundings of the venue and make sure there is a generator installed beforehand.
  3. Look for bathrooms and resting rooms. Everyone needs to touch up during a wedding. Be it the bride and groom themselves or the guests, you might need to check in with the venue manager to make sure there are restrooms for your guests.
  4. While outdoor venues are big as they are, you should keep an estimate of your guests and make sure everyone can fit inside the venue comfortably.

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