Top 5 Winter Wedding Theme Ideas That Will Leave You in Awe

Weddings are events that bring people together. Dressing up at your best, engaging in conversations of old times, sipping on soda to finish your meal are some of the highlights of this joyous occasion where we celebrate two hearts that promise a lifetime to each other. Where all these accumulate for a memorable event, there is one more thing that plays a central part. Let’s dig for more info!

As we approach the winter weather in Spring TX and all over the States, there are many decisions that might need a little reconsideration. As the changes in temperature lowers down to minus, a wedding event calls for a cozy setting. So, here is a list of ideas that you can take inspiration from if you have a wedding planned around this time!

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Winter Color Palette

Winter weddings are more suited with lighter and soft colors. Go for a theme of pastels and arrange all the décor central to the color you have selected. If not pastel, go for any classic combinations like black and gold to allow for a more standard base color.

Winter Inspired Flowers

Floral arrangements can add to the subtlety or royalty of the event, depending on whichever ends you are wanting to achieve. If you have a winter wedding planned, garlands, pinecones, wreaths and poinsettias are easily available in Spring TX to add up to the desired wintery vibe.

Christmas Inspired Decor

Winters tend to fall around the same time as Christmas and if your wedding coincides with any of the occasions, you can add elements of décor, drinks or favors revolving around it. It adds up an element of celebration in light of an event that holds value amongst people.

Faux Snow Element

If your event is indoor, which is typically the choice of many hosting a winter wedding event in Spring TX, you can add an element of faux snow to add a pinch of magic. This can be during the bride’s entry or when both the bride and groom have taken their oaths and are pronounced as husband and wife. This might also look nice during the cake cutting ceremony.

Winter Inspired Drink and Food

There are endless options for choosing a winter appropriate catering menu. Welcome your guests with signature winter cocktails like mulled wine or cranberry champagne and hearty meals like rich stews, roasted meat to add a seasonal touch to your celebration leaving your guests purely ecstatic!

Play With Texture

Adorn the event with textural elements that encapsulate the essence of winters. Some of the common examples can include velvet napkins, ribbon-tied favors, frosted plate and crockery, and seasonal centerpieces. The use of elements can bring meaning and depth to the overall event.

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