Types Of Wedding Seating Arrangements

If you have your wedding planned and you are very particular about how you want the guests to be seated, this blog is for you! Seating all your guests appropriately ensures that you have created a perfect ambience where everyone feels included and comfortable throughout the event. Here is your chance to browse through these nine popular seating arrangements for a memorable dining experience at your wedding.

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Round Tables

This is one of the most classic and timeless choices to plan. It is ideal for large ballrooms and banquet halls. Typically, this seating style centers on a round table where you can seat 8 guests per table. However, if you are going for an intimate, you can either go for 4 to 6 people also.

Family Style

Consider your banquet hall as your dining room, but vast. You can also go for a family style seating arrangement with guests seated at a stretched table. This option is best suited for a more informal catering style.

Mix and Match

If you are stuck between choosing from two styles, you can have a combination of both. The mix and match style including both round and family style seating provides an arm of versatility to your wedding outlook. This is not only visually interesting but also offers flexibility for assigning seats and is ideal for a higher headcount.


If your wedding is being held in an open area, this idea of having curved tables used for buffet that is stylishly tapered along their way between the garden, forest or winery.


You can also opt for a restaurant style seating with rectangular tables which can seat anywhere from 4 to 10 guests and give an intimate feel to your event.

Lounge Seating

Many couples are looking to create a very relaxed and informal vibe all along their reception. If you are inclined towards a more chill ambience for your guests wedding lounge seatings with comfortable sofas and center tables can be the best way to go!

Bar Tables

A cocktail reception, the type of venue or guest count lends itself more to bar tables rather than a lounge seating as they are more compact. If you have an intimate gathering of similar aged people, this can provide you the right ambience you are looking for.


The need to be modern and contemporary has influenced wedding seating styles. A parallel table connected together is a fun and quirky way to set your entire wedding through. This is not only unique but creates a fun guest spread.

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Final Words

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