Wedding Unity Celebration Ideas For Outdoor Venues in Spring, TX

Wedding ceremonies have remained to be the celebration of love, togetherness and unity since the beginning of time. It is a marking of love that stays for a lifetime. In order to plan a perfect wedding, there needs to be a series of discussion, decisions and contemplation. While there are so many choices when it comes to florals, food, décor, one of the most meaningful decisions is including a unity ceremony. Let’s discuss in detail!

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What Is A Unity Ceremony?

A unity ceremony is a symbolic ritual where both couple members partake into a small gesture that represents the union of marriage. It is however not required but many couples are showing keen interest to participate in this ceremonial way of representing love in the form of marriage. Often unity ceremonies allow for close family to come together as an intimate activity. If you have your marriage planned ahead, this may be the perfect way to celebrate forever companionship!

Unity Ceremony Ideas For Outdoor Wedding In Spring, TX

We have listed a few ideas that you can take inspiration from, for your unity ceremony.

Releasing A Lantern

What can be more romantic and intimate than releasing a lantern in the air to freeze the moment of victory, that your love has stood against all bounds, and is always free and rising. Depending on the ceremony or couples’ preference, it is a great way to celebrate your unity at any outdoor wedding venue in Spring TX.

Tree Planting Unity Ceremony

If you are also a nature lover, you can choose a tree planting ceremony to symbolize your love towards your partner. It symbolizes nourishment, care and bloom in the marriage. In this ceremony, both partners are given a beautiful vase to pour soil together, finishing it off by watering the plant.

Three Strands Unity

A cord of three strands is set on a decorative piece and the couple has to braid it. Some say it has religious connotations where each rope strand represents the bride, groom and God. The braiding symbolizes their unseparated and strong bond and union materialized by the act of marriage.

Foot Washing

In order to translate the love between spouses through an act of service, foot washing can also be an example of unity celebration.


This comes from a Jewish wedding tradition where each partner takes a turn circling around the other. It can typically go up to 7 rounds, each circle representing a single emotion or marriage milestone.

Wine Pouring

While taking full advantage of the scenic backdrop and great weather, outdoor weddings can be a great opportunity for a wine pouring unity. Where each couple pours their favorite wine symbolizing the symphony in their marriage. After making the custom blend, you can take a sip and make a toast to your future spouse.

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In Conclusion

Exchanging multiple forms of gestures merged in a common task is to represent union, partnership in your wedding. If you are looking to book an outdoor event venue in Spring, TX, with a beautiful vision of unity ceremony, Grand Oaks Venue & Events can help you bring it to life. Call us at (281) 353-9500 for more information and details.