What Is The Difference Between Wedding Style And Theme?

When we talk about weddings, a wedding style and wedding theme is often used interchangeably. However, they are not the same thin. Identifying the differences of both these concepts can help you in making relevant decisions about your design and detail. Let’s talk in detail.

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What Is A Wedding Style?

A wedding style refers to an overall aesthetic you are trying to achieve. This ties down the overall design, look and feel of your event. All events have a specific wedding style such as classic, bohemian, or modern. The different types of styles can help make the whole event look unified. There are color palettes that are suited to certain wedding styles. For a classic and more timeless wedding style, you can go for blush and white with gold accents. While neutral and rustic tones go well with a bohemian style wedding.

Different details you include in your wedding can also simultaneously help determine your wedding style as well. We see unique types of rental pieces including seating type, catering services, tableware, stage and many more.

Romantic Wedding Style

A romantic wedding style is one of the most wanted forms to date. They are all about bare hues, soft lighting, ethereal details and airy atmosphere. The color palette can be chosen from ranges of blush, ivory, pastels coupled with use of florals, candles and personalized elements that scream romance.

Traditional Wedding Style

A traditional wedding is more formal and follows the predetermined set of rules. This wedding may involve white florals, three course dinners, formal dress code and usual table settings. In this type, there is no free hand for personal touch.

Modern Wedding Style

Let’s talk about what is trending! While your definition of modern might differ to another, modern wedding styles scream exquisite and clean. You can choose from a range of contemporary elements such as menus, tablescapes and chairs to showcase this style. Streamline your decisions based on inspirations and mood boards!

What is A Wedding Theme?

A wedding theme is a more focused and deep driven form of bringing newness and character to your overall event. Adding a theme, with an overall standard wedding style, can provide you an opportunity to showcase your personality as a couple and add an element of fun and memory to the entire event.

Some examples of wedding themes can include vintage style with a 1990’s theme, eclectic wedding style with a travel theme, and Bohemian wedding style with a Coachella Music Festival theme.

A particular wedding theme focuses on one element or event that you want to recreate through your wedding. You can request a particular dress code or use extra features such as souvenirs, DJ or other activities that follow a unified theme.

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